Fundraising for KyleCares

Have you considered organizing a fundraiser for KyleCares?  There are many creative ways to help raise funds to support the high schools and colleges KyleCares works with.  No matter what event you choose or amount of funding you raise, please know how much we appreciate your efforts to support teens and young adults we are trying to reach!

Do you have a personal connection to mental health awareness or suicide prevention?  Share your story and inspire others to act.  Let’s open the dialogue on mental health so that others in need have the courage to seek help.

Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Special Day Tribute Gifts

As you celebrate birthdays, religious holidays, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, or graduations consider directing donations to KyleCares in lieu of a gift.

High School Volunteer Projects

Help raise mental health awareness at your school in any number of ways. For example, consider High School Scratch Off Cards to support a non-profit like KyleCares and fulfill your community service volunteer hours. See more info about one of the most popular fundraising ideas at

Fraternity & Sorority Community Involvement

Host a volleyball, softball, 3-on-3 hoop or other intramural sports tournament; organize Dance Marathons; Outdoor Movie Marathons; Battle of the Bands; or consider Scratch Off Cards, one of the most popular fundraising ideas.

Sports Challenges

Strut your skills in a running, biking, swimming or similar competition, and solicit donations to support KyleCares’ mission if you complete the race. Fitness studios can host a spinning, rowing, Zumba, or yoga marathon with instructors donating their time.

Honor a Loved One

In Memoriam or In Honor Of one you love, consider a donation to KyleCares, or organize a fundraising event / challenge that is important to the person you care so much about.

Restaurants & Bars

Donate a percentage of all food and drink sales on a given day or weekend. Use your business as a platform to make a positive difference in your community by helping spread awareness about suicide prevention, mental health and resources available for teens and young adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Contact us at and we can supply a jpg of our logo.

Receipts are provided for donations made through our website ( or some other online funding platforms. We are unable to provide tax receipts for any type of in-kind donations such as auction items or donated services such as food or t-shirts (as examples).  Please contact us at to discuss.

We are happy to provide a platform to accept gifts sponsoring an event participant, as long as 100% of those gifts are directed at KyleCares, Inc.  Please contact us at for more information on how to set up a page on this platform.

We will also list your event on the KyleCares website, and  list your event in a future newsletter.

KyleCares cannot underwrite the cost of your event or find sponsors for any related costs.  Fundraising for KyleCares means you plan and execute your event, and there will not be any reimbursement for any expenses incurred during the planning or execution of your event.  If you have any questions please contact us at

Key Next Steps

  • Determine your event

  • Create your fundraising page on an online platform

  • Spread the word throughout your community

Need Inspiration?  Explore Below!

They took an athletic event (varsity lacrosse game) and sold 50/50 raffle tickets, with half the money going to the winner and half going to KyleCares. They raised nearly $250 total, and the winner kept their half. Other athletic events might have larger crowds (like a football or basketball game) so the amount raised potential could be higher.

A senior student focused her senior year project on mental health advocacy. Last summer she worked with the city of Newport and organized a pickleball tournament (not just for students to play, but the general public as well).  Pickleball is a very popular sport among adults.  The student raised nearly $800 for KyleCares for the one-day event.  Many people paid not only their tournament entry fee, but also donated extra money to the KyleCares cause.  ALL money raised was then used to bring suicide training prevention for faculty and students in the school!

The entire program takes time during their season each year to do charitable work, and held a car wash to raise mental health awareness.   They raised $1,000 for KyleCares, but more important is the attention to self-care and suicide prevention that was raised, and helped normalize the conversations with their peers and adults around these important topics.

They setup a GoFundMe page for a dual 50/50 purpose – to raise money for the soccer program, and to raise money for a charity. They chose KyleCares to be the charity, and in just two weeks they raised $5,000. Half the money went into the program for things like new uniforms, and the other half went to our foundation. They used it as an opportunity for team bonding and as a way to “give back” to their community for something bigger in life than just a sporting event. Read more about it here: Millis girls soccer program raising funds for KyleCares Foundation – Team Up 4 Community

A good example of a business in the local community working with KyleCares to raise mental health awareness by donating a percentage of all food sales on a specific date to our foundation.

Another good example of a business in the local community working with KyleCares to raise mental health awareness through their “Wine for a Cause” campaign, where they choose a specific month and donate 100% of their profit from the sale of a specific “wine of the month” to our foundation.